Giga File Transfer

Terms of Service

  • Terms of Service

    Key Life Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") provides giga data service (hereinafter referred to as "this service") based on the Giga File Transfer Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as "these Terms" I will do.
    This agreement applies to users of this service (hereinafter referred to as "users"), and you agree to comply with these Terms by using this service.

  • 1. Definition of this service

    • This service is a service that mediates the transmission and reception of files among users of this service, and is mainly composed of the following functions.

      • A function that enables a sender to receive a file for a partner (hereinafter referred to as "recipient") who wishes to send a file
      • A function enabling the recipient to download the file
    • Users need to prepare equipment, software, and environments that can access this service at their own responsibility and cost.

  • 2. Terms of service

    • We can suspend, suspend, suspend, abolish or change some or all of this service without obtaining prior notice to the user and consent of the user at our discretion.
    • We will not be held liable for any damages to users or third parties due to suspension, suspension, suspension, abolition or change of this service.
    • We are not responsible for any damages resulting from transactions made by advertisements posted in this service and for damages resulting from the publication of advertisements themselves. The advertisement on the contents of advertisements and publicity posted in this service, and the transaction between the provider of advertisement (hereinafter referred to as "advertiser") and the user shall be carried out at the responsibility of the user and the advertiser I will.
    • The user shall not perform the following acts.

      • Acts of obstructing or confusing the service or the device or network providing this service
      • Acts that violate laws and ordinances, and acts that may cause a violation
      • Acts contrary to public order and morals
      • Act that gives disadvantage to other users or third parties
      • The act of camouflaging the sender of mail delivered through this service
      • Slander, slander to other users or third parties
      • Infringement of intellectual property rights of other users or third parties
      • Acts of using this service other than the interface prepared by us
    • If the user falls under any of the following, we can disable the use of this service in advance without notifying or asking the user in advance.

      • In case of violation of these Terms
      • When we judge it as inappropriate
      • In addition to the above, if we deem it necessary
  • 3. Handling of information

    • We will not disclose or disclose any information including personal information that we learned through this service except in the following cases.

      • When there is a request for cooperation from administrative or judicial agencies
      • When explicit consent from the user is obtained
      • In cases where it is necessary to protect the property, the right, the safety of the living body or the public interest of the user or the third party
      • When outsourcing is done
    • We will use personal information that we learned through this service for the following purposes. When using it for other purposes, I will use it only when I inform the principal in advance and agree.

      • To provide this service
      • For providing the services incidental to this service
      • For answers to inquiries
    • We will properly manage information including personal information that we learned through this service.
    • All the information that we obtain will be provided by "the applicant or the will of the applicant". If you can not provide necessary information, it may not be possible to provide this service in an appropriate state.
  • 4. Disclaimer

    We are not responsible for any damages caused to users or third parties due to the use of this service by users or failure to use this service.
    This includes direct, indirect, incidental, exceptional, and consequential punitive damages (including loss, damage, deterioration, eavesdropping, leakage and other intangible loss of profits, friendship relations, utilities, data Including, but not limited to) any damages.
    This also applies when there is advice on the possibility of damage beforehand.

  • 5. Change of contract

    The Company may change this Terms without notice.
    Also, if this agreement is changed, the changed content will be applied as soon as the changed terms are posted on the web page where this service is provided.

  • 6. Jurisdiction

    Applicable law of this agreement is Japanese law. For disputes arising between the Company and users related to this service or this agreement, the Fukuoka District Court shall be the court of first instance exclusive jurisdiction.

  • 7. Discussions

    Regarding matters not stipulated in this agreement, we will resolve consultations in accordance with the principle of faithful faithfulness.